Training of Coaches Nov. 22nd-28th

Grassroot Soccer soweto has so much potential to be one of the most effective sites in South Africa. We are already extremely blessed with being able to use the Nike Centre, but since soweto is so large, it is possible that we may be able to spread the Skillz curriculum to an extremely large pool … Continue reading

Kickin the Bucket List~Bungee Jumping

Every single day on our way to work we drive past the Orlando Towers. They are by far the tallest standing structure in Soweto. At least once a week either Clint or myself says “you know, one day we need to jump off of those towers”.Then immediately the other would answer “nah thats just stupid.” … Continue reading

Green Thumb

Probably the best part of not being in school is not having homework or extra assignments to do at night. When I am done with work, I am done for the day. So as you can imagine, I have a lot more free time to dabble in certain hobbies. One of my newest hobbies is … Continue reading

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