So, during our trip to Capetown, Clint and I probably ate about 10lbs of meat each. No exaggeration. It was pretty ridiculous. So on our last night in Capetown, as we were devouring a ¼ lb burger, we decided to make a bet. The bet was to see who could last the longest without eating meat. After our 5-day binge period, we were both pretty excited to start on this journey. It has been about a week since we have started this bet, and we both are pretty excited to eat different foods and push our will power to the max. We are both carnivores, so it will be pretty exciting to see who can last the longest. Not only are we doing this bet to improve our own personal health but, Tizzy has been educating us on the benefits to the environment of limiting our meat consumption. Hopefully we both will last until we return home for Christmas break. But, we shall see…

2 Responses to “Vegetarian”
  1. Donald The Neosapien says:

    We shall see indeed. I was actually surprised to see him order vegetarian meals when we were in Pretoria, yes even though you weren’t there to see him, he still stuck to the bet. It was refreshing to see a man of integrity, says a lot about his character. From my observation, I can tell that he is quite committed to this. LOL good going boys!!

  2. realstinga says:

    You guys on crack. When Clint told me about this I was appalled. I know your sheer will to beat him will push you through. Plus the fact that at work you probably google Bojangles or chicken and show him pictures will help you. Don’t tell Clint my money’s on you tho.

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